Frequently Asked Questions

Your borrowing ability depends on your credit score but initially you can borrow as little as 500/= to as much as 50000/= , to qualify for higher loans you need to have a high credit score which is achieved by repaying loans on time.

We are sorry to hear you didn’t get the loan but this should not deter you from reapplying since the decision to give loans is determined by the system based on your details

Hi , we regret the inconvenience but this could be an issue with your phone details kindly check that the phone details you gave us are the right one.

The loan is to be repaid within 21 days since taking the loan or according to the agreement to which you took the loan.

We understand that at times you may run into problems , we have a grace period of about 90 days for which to repay the loan , but this will affect your credit score.

Failure to repay the loan will lead to your details being handed over to the collection agents and ultimately to the CRB.

Check later after sometime, system may be down